I know it's been a while, y'all. However, the break from blogging has been an enjoyable one. My Mr. and I got to go the Land of 10,000 Lakes to visit his Dad and Step-Mom. We had a blast! I got to walk across the Mississippi (which I didn't know was evn possible), try rhubarb pie (which is delicious), and visit a handful of small-towns-USA that absolutely made my heart squeal. After a nine day trip to the cool mid-west, it was time to come back home to heat and humidity.

As I've told y'all before, we have a little homestead on just under 6 acres. We have goats (ornery critters), a blue heeler, a cat, a garden, and chickens... well, we DID have chickens... before we left on our vacation... yeeeeeaaahhhh. How EIGHT chickens disappear in ONE day, I have no clue. Which leads me to a plan I have devised... Go ahead, call me crazy, I don't mind. My plan is to wait until dusk and go out with some scratch feed, a flash light, and the .22. Why? Because, dang it, they have to be out there in the woods somewhere!!!! We know that Miss Jessie Belle (our sweet "innocent" pup) must have gotten one. There was one dead chicken found by our housesitter the day we left. Yes, THE DAY WE LEFT. While the cat's away the mice will play... The odd thing is, she (Jessie) didn't eat it. She just left it there. So, here is what I think happened. Follow me:

Jessie: "Hhhmmmm... I've been trying to catch one of those for the past week, but mama always yells at me and tells me no. Wait a minute, MAMA'S NOT HERE! Now is my chance!"
Ladies: "Oh no! Here she comes! RUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!"
Jessie: "I GOT ONE! I GOT ONE!"
Lady: CLUCK *gag* CLUCK *gaag* cluuuuuuck *gaaag*
Jessie: "Uh-oh. I don't think that was supposed to happen."

So, I think they are out there somewhere. At least it won't hurt to go look for them, right? As I wait for nightfall I'll fill my time canning. Today's canning menu consists of green beans and squash. Lots. Of. Squash. Giant squash, even. I know squash aren't very good after they get big (and I'm talking big as my forearm big). But, after cruising the internet in search of what other folks did who didn't want to toss their massive sas-squashes (heehee), I found that if you peel them and get out the seeds, they'll be ok. Not great, but ok. And I can settle for that. Let me show you a picture of these bad boys...

Seriously!? They don't even look real! HAHAHAHA! Anybody out there ever accidentally grown a squash like this?!

P.S. Sorry for the absent minded writing today. I guess I'm trying to get back into the swing of things! 

P.P.S. See Jessie back there? I think she looks a little guilty... hmmm...