Bad news: I totally had to overwrite my old "Fly on the wall" tab because something funky happened with my computer. I have people fooled into thinking I am some tech saavy teacher... *insert head shaking here,* but alas, I am a self-taught amateur at best. I get by, and can help others, but most of the time it's by accident. So, I could only figure out that something was wrong with the HTML code that I had typed or pasted into one of my previous posts, which meant that it basically messed up my entire web page. Annnd... I have no idea what that means, BUT the only way to fix it was to rebuild my page. Even with that said, I cannot be upset because it is... drum roll, please: FALL BREAK! YEAH! Two days of pure fall bliss! I graded homework papers and scrubbed our house all on Friday so I could enjoy these few days to the fullest. I tell you what, it's been like vacation although I haven't even been 30 miles from home.
The beautiful weather and the awesome stress release of lopping down little trees by my driveway is enough to even make me think of my little sweeties and, gasp, SMILE.
Ugh. Forgive me. But, yes, they are still a bunch of crazies, but I am also beginning to genuinely like them and accept them for who they are and the fact that, although they are crazy, we have to spend this year together. So, although they still won't raise their hands without blurting out, still get out of their seats and follow me around the room like a bunch of ducklings, and cry (no I still haven't broke her of it, yet, but dang it I'm going to), I still can't help but feel something like love toward them. They are kids afterall. This SHOULD be the best stinkin' job anyone could have. I mean, how can being in a room full of young'uns all day NOT be fun? I could totally answer that question, but I will not.
With every break comes a new goal. Kind of like a back to school resolution. So, my goals for after fall break? Here they are:
1. Smile more. It's been hard lately.
2. Grade papers AT SCHOOL. I am REFUSING to take them home.
3. ALWAYS grade homework on Friday before going home. I did this this past Friday and it was the best flippin' idea ever.
Three things to make life easier and more enjoyable. Now, I have a big ol' yard to get back to.