Well, the past week has been eventful with lots o' food, fun, and family! Needless to say, it was somewhat rough rolling out of the bed this morning to head back to work. I admit, I had a bad attitude, but I prayed for strength, put a smile on my face, and slid into my most fav-o-rite socks... you know, the ones with the Abominable Snow Monster (the one from Rudolph) on the top for all to see. I sported those bad boys with pride today and every time I looked at them I couldn't help but smile and giggle. So there.
The morning started off very much like all Monday mornings after a long break... quietly, slowly, and zombie-like... minus the brain eating. Then, the temperature began to drop (this is common in the great state of GA, the weather can do absolutely anything it wants, including going from 80 degrees one day, to 48 with a chance of flurries the next). As a result, teachers began to turn on the heaters... heaters that haven't come on since, ummmmm, let's say February? As a result of the heaters coming on the thick layers of dust also began to heat... and heat... and heat... and then, there was smoke, and the fire alarm was pulled. So, about 12:45 today our day was over. OVAH. OOOOOVAH. There was no going back. I have told you before that my babies are not the bravest in second grade. There was much hysteria and my babies were the first into the parking lot. You would have thought the walls were coming down around us and the flames were licking our heels. Thankfully, there was no actual fire, just a whole lotta smoke.  
Between the tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and now fires, we just may have a normal day yet.