Friday was Field Day. Really, I could stop my blog right there. Does more really need to be said? If you've been following me this year, then you know it's been a tough year. I thought, "We're going to be outside all day. There's no way we can't have a good time!" Boy, was I w-r-o-n-g. It was the worst. Horrible. Terrible. No good. Very bad. I felt like Alexander. They fought over who won, they fought over who had the ball, over who didn't have the ball, over who got looked at wrong, over calling names... kicking, slapping, whining, you name it, they did it. At least three kids rotated not being able to play with us throughout the day. I had one kid crying before 9:00 because I told her to put her book bag away! (I'm pretty sure I might start growing horns as I type)

I know, I know, this is supposed to be a post about fitness, not a post about pitching a fit over how terrible field day was. So, did you know that 45 minutes of playing with kids can burn over 200 calories? That's a lot! That burns off that Coke you drank for breakfast (yeah, you know you did). A walk around the playground, with little running challenge spurts from students, helping them on the monkey bars, swinging, tag, duck, duck, goose... think of all the games that you could participate in with your kids! Do it! Burn some calories! I know recess is a time you want to sit down an relax, but think of the burst of energy you get when working out. It would be enough to get you through the day until that last bus pulls away... I wonder if there are extra calories burned if you're irritated to the max as you play... hmm... If so, I probably burned an extra hundred calories today. OK, OK, sorry! I'll get over it!

To top it all off we got our CRCT scores back. Woopty do! That's a post for another day!