I must say, I am proud of myself. I got up early this morning and ran with a friend. We have been running consistently over the last few months, but the last week of school wreaks havoc on any well set and well followed schedule; be it for the school day or your own personal time. After a week of putting our daily workouts on the back burner, we were back at it this morning and it felt great!

After the school hours offered the perfect time to workout. We held each other accountable and made each other work out even when we really didn't feel like it. Now, it's summer. That time where you don't have to have a set schedule and can do whatever you want. Sort of... with in reason... So what are we going to do! My regular summer time exercise buddy is about to have surgery so I won't be able to do our workouts together. BUT, thankfully, my school year workout buddy is doing summer school! What's so great about this? Well, we've already made a plan that I'll meet her at school around noon in time to get in a workout and still have the rest of the day to do all the lazy fun stuff we want. See, all you have to do is make up a new schedule! As teachers, we plan our "normal" days down to the minute. And while summer is a welcome break from tight schedules, it won't hurt to make a loose one to keep you on track. Think about how much better a plan makes you feel anyway. Apply that to your summer. Plan your fun stuff and decide where you're going to fit in your fitness minutes. Or, better yet, make all that fun stuff double as fitness minutes. What can you do this summer to keep you active? What can you do that involves your kids, your family, your friends, or just yourself? Think about it, make a plan, and the hardest most important part: stick to it! You can do it, your health and happiness depend on it! For more pointers, check out this article for seven tips to not let your weekend (endless summer weekend, that is) get you off track.