First, let me say: SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER!!!! WOOT!

With that said, it's a perfect segue into this article on the home page of SparkPeople (y'all know how much I love SparkPeople). The article talks about starting small when beginning a fitness routine of any sort. During the summer my music teacher friend and I love going to a nearby lake, bike trail, and fitness loop to do what we call "mini tri's." We love it, but I"m sure we look like fools as we try our best at swimming, then biking, and then running, or vice versa. However, we won't start this routine the first day out. We'll probably start with a few bike rides since we've definitely neglected those throughout the school year. I'll get back into my running routine starting with two miles and building up to three, then four, then five... you get it. And the swimming part? Well, my friend is an expert, myself on the otherhand... yeah, that's a different story. The point is, we aren't going to jump into it, we'll start small and build onto each routine and skill with each "mini tri." You have to know your limits, listen to your body, and find what works for you. Find a buddy on your level or is willing to push you to do better without killing you. It's not going to be fun as a brand new runner if your workout buddy is a marathon runner. If you're new to a praticular sport find someone who you can grow with. The summer is close! Get ready to get moving!