Call it cliche, but there truly is strength in numbers. The more people joining a cause the more change they can make. I've mentioned before that our school does a "Biggest Loser" contest. It was to last until the week before Spring Break. Now that Spring Break has come and gone, several of those "losers" ease back into their pre-loser lifestyles. But when you have people to hold you accountable for what you do and what you put in your mouth, it's easier to stick to the goals you make.

My teacher friend across the hall has been a wonderfully consistent workout buddy. We've encouraged each other to keep up all our hard work. We've even stepped it up a notch and started doing a 15 minute strength video BEFORE our regular runs and other cardio! WOOT! WOOT! Even better than that, though, is we have now added to our workout sessions two more people. Our fellow team mates! Yes! We're now up to four regulars! And it makes us feel good knowing we're not alone. We can talk about how much better we feel, how well we slept because of our workouts, and how many fewer Cokes or candies we've drank and eaten that week!

Let this post encourage you to start a group at school. Bring your workout clothes to school and leave them there. Bring a few of your favorite workout DVD's... even those you haven't opened yet! You'll be surprised at how motivated you will become when you have some buddies to join you! Try it this week! You have to start somewhere!