Student Teacher is in full take over mode. I knew this week would come, and it has been as hard as I thought it would be to just sit back and shut up. How do you watch that kid cutting stuff into shreds inside his desk, the kid passing notes, the one about to eat a paper clip, and the other that already sliced his finger open because he was playing with the scissors and NOT say anything?! Eesh. It's been rough. BUT Student Teacher is doing an awesome job and it has been a blast to watch her grow and watch her enjoy all this newness of teaching. Just in the past three weeks she's been here we've made pinwheels, solar ovens, fractionpillars, fraction ice cream sundaes, you name it. The kids are loving it, though I think they are a little confused about why I'm not up there.
This week was her first taking over absolutely everything and I have just been a fly on the wall. I've gotten a lot done though, but whatever I find to keep myself busy isn't nearly as good as getting to watch Student Teacher and my babies have a good time together. Here are just a few pictures to enjoy.

I mean, would I have gone out and bought pretty paper to make these? Heck no, construction paper would have had to do. Leave it to a student teacher! They turned out so cute!

These are our little cups to see if what color absorbs heat the most.

Student Teacher read "Enemy Pie" (which is the most precious book I've ever heard!) and then had our babies make their own "pie" out of two paper plates. Awesome!


And this? Well, how could I resist snapping a picture of something so sweet looking?