I hate a worksheet. Though some serve as awesome review and summarizing lessons, I pretty much only do them when I am desperate for a grade. I inherited an awesome book called Alternatives to Worksheets when I was a first year teacher and, boy, have I dog-eared those pages! Well, when you get a class whose number one question is, "Can I draw now?" and your number one answer is usually, "N.O." then it's time to break out the boredom busting foldables book.
Most of my Book Clubs (what we call our reading groups) are centered around a piece of art work the kids create, be it a story hat, story belt, story poster, or (the best one) the story pyramid. This was the first time I've tried something like this and, let me tell you, I was flat out AMAZED by what my students produced. They labored over these projects for three days, elbow deep in glue, scrap paper, crayons, and markers.

This week's books were all about the history of play. The first group had a book about different games people around the world play and what people have in common when it comes to fun. The second group's book was about the history of travel and vacation. The third group's book was about the history of bicycles. Lastly, the fourth group had a book about the history of boards: skate boards, wake boards, snow boards, you name it. Their task was to create a diorama that told what the main idea of the book was. They also had to write sentences about their book... but those didn't hold a candle to what they made. You want to make my class work? Hand them a marker and some poster board. They turn into genuises. Take a look:

Complete with paper airplanes to show how we can travel today... and logs, their book had kids rolling logs in it. HAHA!

That purple thing in the middle is a grill. The thing with the dots is a game of Mancala.

These kids even attempted to draw the "penny farthing!" One group member knew he lacked artistic skill and used magazine clippings.

And last, but not least, what has to be the most awesome one: 

Let's get a closer look at this:

These kiddies never cease to amaze me. Gotta love it!