Remember how I said I got TONS of cleaning and organizing done while Student Teacher was here? Well, in the midst of all that cleaning I found a set of one of my all time favorite things: dominoes. I love dominoes! I have seen so many math games people have created to use them in their classrooms and, earlier this year I had ordered some with some of the monies we get from the school... well, much to my dismay, they never came. Nope. Lost? Weren't actually ordered? I have no clue, but come they did not and I was left domino-less. Sad, I know. So, you can only imagine my joy when I happened upon a box of never-been-used dominoes stuffed away by who knows who in my closet!

Since I had finally discovered a set of these treasures I was determined to include them in my lesson-planning for next week. I Googled "domino math mats," I Googled "domino math games," I Googled "domino math worksheets." Found next to nothing. Not what I really wanted anyway. And since what I wanted was no where to be found, I had to make it. So, for a few days I thought I'd offer it to you for free since maybe you're looking for something similar. Hope you like it! Check it out here!