Since today is Saturday and I have spent the majority of the day at my alma mater's homecoming festivities, I am relaxed enough to share the week's happenings. Let me share it in a list:

1. Short week due to Fall Break. FABULOUS.
2. Still have a crying kid, but she only cried once this week. HALLELUJAH.
3. One of my sweeter babies got mad and ran out of the lunchroom and hid from me... yeah.
4. One student decided this was the week to see just how often he could fart and burp in front of the rest of us.
5. We were supposed to decorate our door with cute-sy Halloween themed "Drug Free" slogans... I stuck student work to the door with a sign that read. "We've got work to do. We're too busy to do drugs." The rest of the teachers noted the sarcasm... along with the assistant principal who made sure to tell me it was the best door he'd seen in the whole school.
6. I cannot stand to see students lay all over the wall as we walk up the hallway. Walk like you have some respect for yourself.
7. Finally made those three students that makeout with the walls scrub them for recess... I must say the second grade wing is now spotless.

I guess that's about it. With next week being a full week, I'm sure there'll be much more to tell.