Teachers are greedy. And this one is no exception. You want to give something away? We'll be all over it like vultures. With no shame either. So, when the local high school begins offering students as teacher cadets (aka an extra pair of hands), there's nothing left but to say, "YES, PLEASE!" Of course, some cadets are only there to get out of doing actual highschool work, but this year, I can use any extra body to tap a kid on the shoulder and tell them to get busy. Thankfully, the group I have this year seems to be pretty legit. They seemed to really help the kids and jump in with both feet... yeah, I said GROUP. Usually people just get one... but the teacher of this class said there were so many that she needed teachers to consider taking more than one.. so... I took... two for the morning... and two for the afternoon. Yes, I had four different people in my room today, but you know what, all my kids got their work done. And to that I say, HALLELUJAH! The more the merrier! These cadets stop coming around Christmas, but I am hoping that, by then, my crazy young'uns will be mellowed out. Let's hope!