That's exactly what this is. A post that has NOTHING to do with school. Why? Because today was my very first official day of summer vacation and I do not, under any circumstances, have to even THINK about school stuff. Although, I did look at school stuff on Pintrest, dang it. I guess you never really can get away from it, huh? So, what did I do today?

1. I watered the garden.
2. I planted herbs.
3. I sat down because I wanted to.
4. I went to the bathroom as many times as I needed to. Let me tell you, you come to appreciate that.
5. I went back outside (in case you thought I used the bathroom outside).
6. I threw the Frisbee with Jessie. What? Who is Jessie? Where have you been? Let me show you... prepare yourself...

Ok, ok, you can stop ooing and awing... I know, she's precious. And she is one mean Frisbee catcher!

Where was I? Oh, yes.
7. I fed the Dashwood Ladies. Wait. What? Who are the Dashwood Ladies? Oh, my. They like to strut their stuff all over the yard. Let me show you.

They are lots of fun.
8.I watched our first farm baby hop around the goat pasture. Now, get ready for cute, folks:

EEEEE! Can it get any cuter?! This is Doo. Loretta and Lynn's little kid.
9. Let's see... what else did I do? I did a lot of yard work and just enjoyed the beautiful weather, not hearing my name called five thousand times, and, as I mentioned before, getting to use the bathroom whenever I wanted. It was wonderful. I can't wait to spend tomorrow the same way! Well, I better get to bed. I have an early run with a teacher-friend in the A.M. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'll have more where those came from as the summer goes on. So, don't expect to much teachery type stuff from me for a little while. These next couple of months you can follow me from the schoolyard to the farmyard! Goodnight, y'all!