THAT'S RIGHT! Thanksgiving just wouldn't be complete unless you let your kids make a hand turkey! Our latest math standard and unit we're working on is measurement. Well, my new(ish) teacher neighbor had her kids trace their hands and measure their fingers. "Hmmm..." I thought. "That's really cute!" And then I thought, "HOLD THE PHONE! IT'S THANKSGIVING! DUH, WE HAVE TO MAKE HAND TURKEYS!" So, hand turkeys we made and the kids loved it. Not to mention they got great practice measuring with inches and centimeters. An easy, fun reinforcement of our measurement standard. 
Tomorrow, we'll be making American Indian vests. My high school cadets that come did a mini lesson with them today measuring their torsos for our butcher paper vests. Who says all these Thanksgiving activities can't align with the standards? All it takes is a little creativity and, boom, you can turn anything into a teachable moment. Man, I love my job. Here are some more turkeys to enjoy: