There is a certain teacher-student bonding that occurs on the playground. I figure that, as long as I am able, I should play with my babies every once and a while. Well, I had promised my girl students on Friday that I would help them across the monkey bars "tomorrow". Of course I forgot that "tomorrow" was Saturday. Well, here we are on Monday and did they forget? Nope. So, down to the monkey bars we went. I will tell you now that helping flailing second graders is not for sissies. Thankfully, only one kick landed on my head. I spent about ten minutes holding legs and promising that, "If you just go faster, it's a lot easier." and decided it was time to go in. I have found that kids also respond better to their teachers yelling "LET'S GO!!" as she runs across the playground herself, than to whistles or waving hands. So I had all my babies running behind me within seconds... and that's when it happened... something came out of the blue and of all places landed smack dab on my boo-tay. I turn around to find that it was a hand... attached to the arm of one of my students. I just stared. Speechless. Did one of my students just slap me on my butt? Yes, she did. What the heck? I can only be thankful that it was a student that A) was a girl and B) doesn't have a mean bone in her body. But still. The kid slapped my butt. I finally gathered my senses enough to say, "I'm sorry, but you CANNOT EVER touch your teacher's hiney." Words I never thought I'd have to say.