"The Lord works in mysterious ways." Something we've heard people say all our lives. Well, today it was so apparent to me how the good Lord has been working in my little life. As I watched Mrs. M, the student teacher, interact with the kids, take over the little jobs I've given her, and listened to her ideas, I couldn't help but be reminded of myself five and a half years ago when I was in her shoes. It's like a breath of fresh air. This year has been so hard. I have said that several times these past few months and everyone is probably sick of it. But it's true. I feel exhausted. But looking at her and remembering how I felt at that time in my education in educating just does my heart good. It makes me excited. It makes me remember. It makes me smile. It makes me thrilled that I am what I am. I am a teacher. Wow. That's something to be excited about. Something to be proud of. Something to find contentment in.
They say that the average burnout rate for a teacher is five years. I feel it keenly in this, my fifth year. I am burnt out. But I refuse to be a statistic. So, the past few months seem to have just been a puzzle that is slowly coming together to show me, that yes, it's hard but a breath of fresh air can come out of the most unlikely circumstances and just when we need it. Thank you, Jesus. Now, to get to those lesson plans... they will be last ones I have to do for a long time!