I know I'm not the only teacher going to bed at 8 o'clock tonight. It just isn't possible. If you had a day like mine, then you are counting down the minutes to the most reasonable, unembarrass-ing time to hit the sack. Truth is, I AM EXHAUSTED. Like, can't hold my head up exhausted, have a headache exhausted, somebody asked me to attend an after school meeting in their stead and I wanted to cry right then and there exhausted, or the next kid that touches me is going to get a black eye exhausted... yeah. Can you tell I really needed to blog tonight?

This time of year you have two choices:
Choice A: Nazi Teacher - this teacher demands that the day is spent continuing to do seat work in silence, plowing through every worksheet he or she ever had just to keep the kids busy and their irritating little mouths shut.
Choice B: Testing-is-over-and-I-can't-teach-you-anything-new-because-you'll-just-sit-there-and-drool-so-I'm-just-going-to-go- through-things-you-need-to-practice-so-you-won't-act-like-you've-never-seen-them-when-you-get-to-your-new-third-grade- teacher Teacher - this teacher decides that, what the heck, teaching at this point is for the birds and the kids really need some practice with certain things. He or she then lets their kids work in small groups or partners so they can peer teach and at least have a little bit of fun while still continuing to work.

Yeah, which one are you? I am certainly the last one. I have found that when given partner work (I like the Teach Okay method from Whole Brain Teaching) the noise level stays at a murmur. No yelling, no fighting, just a quiet hum of activity. It's nice. We've been especially focusing on our writing skills. A few have asked if they can work with a partner when writing. Why not?! Two heads are better than one! And, let's face it, some kids HATE HATE HATE to write. Having a partner sometimes helps to get their writer's cramp smoothed out. For reading, we've been doing DEAR. Which has been HEAVEN. Talk about quiet! Why haven't I done that before!? If my whole class doesn't meet their AR goal this nine weeks, then there's going to be a fight. For math we've been practicing on that pesky regrouping and adding and subtracting three digit numbers. So, it's not like we're just riding the wave to the end without a care. Riding the wave we are. I won't deny that, but I want it to be a smooth wave and not a wave that's bumpy and scary. I'm to tired for that, haha!