I have been in my classroom for one and a half days this week. Yep. I had high hopes for my substitute, too. I was told it would be Mrs. K. Mrs. K is funny, friendly, and takes no crap. Well, Tuesday I got back to school after an all day workshop to find that my sub had been Mrs. H. EVEN BETTER! She followed my plans beautifully and handled the kids perfectly. This one good day made me think that the next half day I had to be out for yet another workshop would be just as good. Again, I thought it was supposed to be Mrs. K (since she even told me herself that she would be there). Well, it wasn't. It was Mrs. R. Mrs. R is a newer substitute, but ended up being awesome as well, even getting my kids to and from the Veterans Day assembly which lasted, including travel and packing time, the entire day after lunch. Two good days in a row! WOW! So, surely day three would be the charm, right?!

Y'all. Seriously. I have a substitute folder that I put together after seeing it on the Scholastic Teacher Blog. It is a work of art. Perfectly put together with every form, picture, map, you name it, to be the teacher for the day. Did this substitute even open it? Did she even care that the teacher had made plans? Did she even care that I had spent the previous evening carefully laying out every little thing she would need on the brown table (you know that all your tables and pieces of furniture also have a name)? I had even labeled each of the items with a sticky note that stated what part of the day they would be needed.
Y'all. Seriously. Not a thing was touched. It was there when I turned on the light this afternoon lying exactly how I had left it. Do you know, I felt my heart beat in my head. Now. I am not one to run and tattle. I hate that. I think it's stupid. Of course, most things that bother me aren't done directly to my kids. I had a good day planned out for my babies. A day that I was certain they would enjoy. It was to be a consolation to me that I had left them work I knew they'd like since I have been out so many days this year. All these thoughts: missing my babies, wanting to teach instead of sitting and traveling to so many workshops, having to rush and rush to get things done lately and feeling like I have been flat out neglecting my students. All those thoughts just made me want to sit down and boohoo like a little baby. Instead, I took a few deep breaths, vented to my team, and marched my little hiney straight up to the head Mrs.'s office. She and the head Mr. were together. Perfect.
Like I said, I'm not one to tattle and complain to the administration, but this had to do with my babies and my classroom's whole atmosphere of a happy and organized place. I didn't hold back. I told them what I thought of that woman. Actually, my exact words were something like this, "Mrs., Mr., listen, you may pick up the paper and read that I am in jail because I have beat the crap out of a substitute if that woman comes in my room again." Because of my usually mild, calm, and sweet manner, this announcement took them both by surprise and I was asked who I was and if I seen Mrs. -----. Needless to say, they said it would taken care of and that I should probably go home and take a nap. I told them I would do that.
What about y'all? Ever had a nightmare substitute or had to miss school so many days and felt so guilty for it? I am so looking forward to a "normal" week next week!