Wow! I didn't realize just how long it has been since I blogged last! I had attempted to blog once last week to sing the praises of ClassDojo. The site that was my only saving grace during those few days before the long awaited Christmas Break. I had typed a wonderfully witty and fun entry about how wonderful ClassDojo was/is and how every one should try it with their classes, blah, blah, blah, and hit the OK button to post... and... yeah, not sure what happened, but I am PRETTY sure the Devil himself zapped my computer to punish me for praising my babies and having a good last day before the break with them. Yes, I am 100% positive that's exactly what happened. And, he almost won another "I'll-show-you-battle" but I refused to yell the four letter words that I know at my computer screen, and let me tell you, I really wanted to yell some.
But I digress. I have nothing of any importance to type except to let those who read know that I am indeed alive and thoroughly enjoying this staycation. My sweet Mr. is also off of work these two weeks and we have had a grand ol' time playing in our new yard at our new home. We have had several opportunities for just sitting on our porch and enjoying the crazy Georgia winter weather (it was 75 degrees yesterday!). I've played with our little pygmy goats, Loretta and Lynn, stalked our lone chicken (it's a long story), and petted our sweet cat named Cat (also a story, but not as long as the chicken one). And today, well, today Mr. acquired a new toy (aka gun) and we had fun with that as well. Ah the joys of country living! So happy I get to fully enjoy it for a whole other week! EEEE!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!