Remember the other day when I said I still feel like a new teacher? Well, today I feel like a blessed new teacher. My wonderful school family decided that measly little ol' me should be Teacher of the Year. *insert squeal here* I am beyond honored. I could barely eat my congratulatory cake for shaking and crying. (I am quite a blubber-er) I still don't quite know how to feel or act or what to say. I am just so very thankful and so very proud. Being a teacher is the hardest thing anyone can do and to be recognized for that hard work is priceless. Not to mention I got some rather lovely flowers. And I do love flowers! But seriously, how do you talk about it? I don't want people to think I am bragging. The good LORD gave me a gift and I want to use it everyday for His glory. This calling is not an easy one, but I am so thankful I answered it. I'll just end with that... and a picture :)