We hear a lot of things from our students. Fart noises, curse words, what their mamas and daddies did last night, you name it, there is absolutely nothing that can't be said... until they get in trouble and realize that they shouldn't have said it in the first place. Then, there's the funnies: "What do you call those brown tomatoes that grow in the ground?" "You mean potatoes?" "OH! Is that what you call them?!" Or "Why do zombies eat brains?" "Oh, I know! It's 'cause they're DUMMIES!" Sheesh. The fun never ends. Lastly, there are the quotes that make you want to melt with love and admiration.
Yesterday one of my little girls was absent and came in with her explanation this morning.

"Mrs. ----, we had to take my mama to the hospital last night. The doctor said she has pneumonia in her right lung." "Is she home now or did she have to stay in the hospital?" "No, ma'am, she's home and has to get lots of rest." "Well, sweetie, is there anything y'all need?" I was going to ask if she needed a meal or anything like that since a sick mama can take a toll on a family, but she interrupted. "Need?" with a confused look on her face. "Need? No ma'am, we have her heart and her love. What else would we need?" *insert dumbfounded, mouth gaping look here* What the heck do you say to that? I mean, come on. I had to grab her right then and there in a bear hug and turn my face away so she couldn't see the tears welling up in my eyes. I told her I loved her and if she actually did find that she needed anything, to let me know.

*sigh* The things we learn from our little ones. What sweetness.