Well, sweet student teacher is gone. We sent her out with a bang, though. She was't going to leave without a 'jar full of smiles,' a framed and matted picture of our babies that we all signed, a tribute video, a sweet card, and a surprise party consisting of party hats, oreos, pringles, peeps, and grape kool-aid. It was a perfect day for a wonderful addition to the teaching profession. I wish her the very best!

So, this morning after the weekly sweeping, mopping, and decluttering session, I sat down to make another mini book. Last week, I posted a mini book about Sequoyah. This week, I am posting one on Jackie Robinson. He's been my sweeties' hero for the last two weeks that we've been talking about him. I figured an extra resource on this great American was in order! Take a look at it in my store! Happy Saturday!