Student teacher has taken over science for the past two weeks. It's been great watching her get to have fun with my babies and they have loved all her lessons. Today was no different. Our engery unit is always exciting and I'm glad that Student Teacher has gotten to come in during this part of the year. One of my favorite things to do during this unit when talking about light energy is give the kids a flashlight and a mirror and tell them to shine their flashlight beam onto the wall WITHOUT pointing it at the wall.


Blurt outs, "BUT HOW DO WE DO THAT!?" And then the fun starts.

"Mrs.----, but it just keeps hitting me in the face!"

"Mrs.----, I'M BLIIIIIND!"

"OH MY GOSH! LOOOOOOK!" And they get it. They realize after multiple shinings in the face, that the person holding the mirror shakes the light every time he or she giggles at their partner. Heehee!

Sometimes the best lessons are learned with absolutely no teaching whatsoever. My sweeties found out they could bend light today. What can yours do?