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Fitness Friday

Posted by Amateur Teacher on Friday, July 6, 2012,

Ew. Fitness. NO! Don't think that way! Fitness is a great thing, right!? I have a short fitness tip today. As a matter of fact that's what my tip is! Being fast, squeezing in a workout when you can, and filling little time slots throughout the day with a mini-workout. You can easily burn 100 calories in as little as ten minutes. Not only that, but you can bust up those ten minutes and do a little here and there. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's a start. Getting a little workout in ...

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Fitness Friday

Posted by Amateur Teacher on Friday, April 20, 2012,
So, I'm thinking for motivation on days I don't feel like blogging, I'll make a goal to have at least one themed day a week. I'm going to start this goal with a Fitness Friday. Our school does a Biggest Loser competition and ours just ended the week before Spring Break. I don't know why I joined, exactly. I am 5' 1" and weigh a whopping 130 lbs. short and stocky to say the least. I have never been an athletic person, but I have loved playing sports all my life... it's just with a 5' 1" frame,...
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About Me

Amateur Extraordinaire I was born to a farmer and a farmer's daughter. I, however, was just a tiny little thing when my parents had to move from their farm. All my life I heard stories of "the farm" and the life they had there. From a young age, I knew I would have my own one day. While it is far from the farm my daddy had, my Mister and I bought our first place in August of 2011. Sitting on six acres is a homestead we're making into our own slice of heaven on earth. Follow along as we stake our claim on this piece of earth the LORD has entrusted to us.
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