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Fly on the wall

Posted by Amateur Teacher on Thursday, February 9, 2012,
Student Teacher is in full take over mode. I knew this week would come, and it has been as hard as I thought it would be to just sit back and shut up. How do you watch that kid cutting stuff into shreds inside his desk, the kid passing notes, the one about to eat a paper clip, and the other that already sliced his finger open because he was playing with the scissors and NOT say anything?! Eesh. It's been rough. BUT Student Teacher is doing an awesome job and it has been a blast to watch her g...
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Taking the leap!

Posted by Amateur Teacher on Thursday, February 2, 2012,

Mr. has been on evening shift the past two weeks (blugh, gag, sniffle, tear, whine). BUT all this alone time has given me plenty of opportunities to get bored up to my eyeballs and get creative. Which is why I started a teacherspayteachers account! WOOT! I started it last week and already had one purchase! So, I am $2.70 richer than I was a week ago... yeah, doesn't sound like much, but two dollars never sounded so exciting to me before! HAHA! Check out my stuff in my store, please!
Tonight I'...

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Student Teacher is here!

Posted by Amateur Teacher on Tuesday, January 10, 2012,

I get super nervous, can't sleep, feel nauseated, and get irritable when things are about to change. So, when I got the news that I, a FIVE year teacher (yes, practically an amateur), was getting a 40 year old student teacher, I freaked out a little bit. I couldn't sleep last night, felt sick, nervous, and, yup, I got irritable. I was to the point that I needed a good slapping. Every one I asked refused to do so, however, I'm pretty sure they secretly wanted to.
Well, the newest member to our...

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No way!

Posted by Amateur Teacher on Wednesday, November 2, 2011,
Remember the other day when I said I still feel like a new teacher? Well, today I feel like a blessed new teacher. My wonderful school family decided that measly little ol' me should be Teacher of the Year. *insert squeal here* I am beyond honored. I could barely eat my congratulatory cake for shaking and crying. (I am quite a blubber-er) I still don't quite know how to feel or act or what to say. I am just so very thankful and so very proud. Being a teacher is the hardest thing anyone can do...
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