Mr. has been on evening shift the past two weeks (blugh, gag, sniffle, tear, whine). BUT all this alone time has given me plenty of opportunities to get bored up to my eyeballs and get creative. Which is why I started a teacherspayteachers account! WOOT! I started it last week and already had one purchase! So, I am $2.70 richer than I was a week ago... yeah, doesn't sound like much, but two dollars never sounded so exciting to me before! HAHA! Check out my stuff in my store, please!
Tonight I've been sitting with my sweet new puppy (our newest addition to our funny farm) and uploading new stuff. I don't know, I figure if my second grade team likes things I've made, then maybe someone else out there might like it, too. It's worth a shot and I'm excited about it... with that said I'm going to get back to snuggling with this little cutie right here (be jealous):