Folks, we had a tornado touch down today. It hit our high school, our jail, our agriculture arena, the humane society, and several houses. Not to mention it burst a gas line at the alternative school which is a hop, skip, and a jump away from our little school. We were in the wing closest to the action. So, we spent the last half of our day huddled in a little heap in the hallway with threats of a tornado above us and flammable gas around us. Exciting, huh?
At times like that I look at my babies and think, "What would I do?" The answer comes easy. I would die for them. Silly? Maybe, but when you start hearing that buildings are coming down less than a mile from you, what else are you supposed to think about? Watching those frightened little faces crushed me, I felt so helpless. All I could think of were those small ones, how much I loved them, how much responsibility I have every day, and how if worse came to worse, I would be a mother bear and give it my all.
*sigh* I am just now calming down from that adrenaline high. The buses couldn't get to us to take kids home, so we ended up keeping our kids in our rooms after the worst had passed. After 3:30 we still had kids in our rooms. The buses were still being held. At 4:30, no change and we were told to start calling parents. I found out through those calls that at least two of my students had houses hit. I sent my last little one home at 5:15. Then, I started breathing again.
That's about all I can type tonight. Thank You, LORD, for keeping us safe today. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.