Or you could say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." As a teacher, I have learned to look at trash in a whole new way. No longer does any egg carton go in the trash. They are used to make my egg carton games... which my students love (When our chickens start laying I'll have to figure something out). Milk jugs become containers and those awesome sandwich meat things?! Don't get me started! What seems as trash to the untrained eye, is indeed treasure to a person with a little imagination. 

Have you seen all the wooden pallet crafts on Pintrest and other sites? I love it! I recently took the pallet our gun safe came on and made it into a magazine shelf for our living room. It looks so rustic! And it was just trash! Well, since my Daddy does roofing and other construction I asked him to save me any pallets he might get. I had every intention on making one of the two he saved for me into a potting bench. But then I and myself had a conversation. It went something like this:

"Self, when are you really going to use a potting bench? Have you seen your flowers?"
"What flowers?"
"I have herbs!"
"Have you seen your herbs lately?"
"You know what you really want, though, don't you? You've talked about it ever since getting Loretta... and even more since she had her little kid."
"Oh, man, yeah. I really want and need a milking stand."
"Then why are you still talking to me? Go make one!"
"Seriously? You think I could get one out of one of those pallets?"
"Can't hurt to try... well... I guess technically it could, but still..."
"I'm going to do it!"

So, now you know that I talk to myself when Mister is on evening shift... I often end up either 1. going outside to talk to Jessie or 2. letting Jessie in to solve that problem. I feel much better about talking to my doggie than talking to myself. I opted for number 1. I loaded Jessie in the truck, drove to the pole barn, loaded up every scrap of junk wood I could find, and then loaded the pallet. The juices were flowing.

 Here it is in pictures... and I threw in a bonus at the end... because it's my blog and I can do that. 


Annnnnd... finally, with a coat of stain! This this looks legit!

Now, for the bonus. This is what I saw after cleaning up my mess. Isn't Cat precious?!