Firstly, let me say that I blog for my sanity. It isn't so much about sharing my ideas and methods about teaching, as sharing how I feel and think about teaching. Sure, I can show you all the things I enjoy making and doing in our little room, but what I really love about blogging is the freedom to say how I feel. So, if you're looking for a blog that will give you tons of ideas to use in your classroom, look elsewhere. BUT if you want to feel like there's a person who knows what you're going through, that there's an extra shoulder out there to cry on, a pair of knees hitting the bedside praying for you, someone else who is holding handsfull of hair from pulling it out in frustration, and jumping for joy at every light bulb that flickers, then please, come along with me!

There is a ton of pollen EVERYWHERE. I am pretty sure it has traveled through my nose and caked itself all over my brain which would explain the rip-roaring headache I had all day. ALL. DAY. Awful. The good news is that my sweeties decided to be cooperative for the majority of the day. We won't go into what they did the minority of the day... except that it involved a couple of my favorite boys deciding to surprise the class with a dance that was PG-13 to say the least. Yeah. Wasn't that nice of them? *insert gritted teeth and furrowed brow here*

With all that said, I would like to share with you a new product. It's a timeline, well, two timelines. One for comparing characters to yourself and the other for comparing historical figures to yourself. AND, AND, a checklist to help you grade it! I love using little checklists because I can project it onto the board for the kids to see as they work. Anyways. I am using this tomorrow with my sweeties to compare themselves to Jane Goodall since we read "Watching in the Wild" last week. I'll let you know how it turns out! I'm excited about it! Get your copy here!