Seriously, I thought it would never come. I figured I would just be riding this year out as a glorified babysitter. And then, 18 lightbulbs began to flicker, ever so slightly, and in a flash of light came on at once. Here it is MARCH and I have finally began to feel an overwhelming sense of pride, joy, and love for my 18 babies. I loved them back in August... because I had to. Now, I want to. I look at them and I smile. Instead of wanting to smack them, I want to squeeze them. Instead of wanting to go home and stare at the wall after a very, very, very, very, very long day, I want to make them an activity I know they will enjoy. What has happened? Why has it taken so long!? My only complaint now is that there are only three more months to enjoy my time with them before I pass them on to another teacher. Kind of makes me sad.
Even on a day like today (you know, the once a month time that NO female teacher should be allowed to teach, when you don't even want them to so much as look at you?) I wanted to kiss and hug every last one of them! Especially after the following:
"Ok, pop quiz. Who can tell me what we call this: 200+30+7?" All at once, "EXPANDED NOTATION!" I sat there, speechless. Had these little hoodlums actually been LEARNING each of the days I thought the only thing I was teaching was how to sit in ther seats for more than two minutes at a time?! YES! Yes, they were! I pretended to faint and then come alive with a hoot and a holler and tell them that they were amazing. So, in return for their awesomeness I have made them a packet of March fun. I gave them the phrase "Celebrate Dr. Seuss" and told them to build as many words as they could with the letters in the phrase. This was yesterday. They were still making words today. They LOVED it. So, I made a couple more for them that I'll let them start next week. I'll give it to them on Monday and let them work on it throughout the week as they finish work early. Then, on Friday we'll see who has the most words! I can't wait to see what they came up with tomorrow! Check out what I made in my TpT store!