Well, maybe you can... but kids will still find you. I've been enjoying summer time type things such as playing with the pets, gardening, etc. Today, I went to the nearby bike trail for ten miles of good ol' exercise. It was fabulous! When it's too hot to run I'm glad I've got my bike. Taking it on two wheels in the summer can be much cooler than taking it on two legs!

One problem I have, however, is that I wear glasses. Another problem is that I am cheap and settle for plain ol' sunglasses instead of saving up my money and buying myself some high dollar awesome prescription sunglasses. So, while riding the trails today, I had to wear my sunglasses instead of my regular seeing-things-far-away glasses (I know, it sounds pretty stupid and dangerous... but I make do). I also had on my trusty purple helmet. I was a sweaty goofy looking mess. But who's going to see me, right?

Halfway through my ride I come upon two boys. One boy was on the ground, tangled in his bike and the other one is standing with his own bike looking at him. Of course, being a good Samaritan, I stopped to check on them. "Are you ok?" I ask. "Yeah, he just hasn't got up yet, but we think he's ok." We were close to one of the attractions in the park where the trails are located so I said, "I'm sure they have band aids inside, do we need to get one?" "He's not cut or anything, Mrs. W. We're just waiting on my sister and her boyfriend. They're right behind us." Wait a minute. This kid just said my name! I was too far away to tell for sure who he was so I stepped closer. Sure enough, there stood one of my former students. He knew me, purple helmet, sweat, sunglasses, shorts, and all. I'll be.
We stood there and chatted until his sister came and we all made sure his friend was alright. We rode off in opposite directions, but my day was made.