I love zucchini. It just may be my favorite vegetable. It is so versatile and adds great moistness and flavor to any dish. So, when I discovered ANOTHER giant zucchini this week (you'd think I would learn to lift those leaves by now) I decided it was time to do more than just the ol' saute method. I ended up with four cups of shredded zucchini from this one bad boy. I was able to make two loaves of zucchini bread and a recipe of zucchini patties with it! Look! It measured 12 and a half inches! I had a bigger one earlier this summer, you should've seen it! Anyways... here's proof:

I found a recipe for zucchini bread from New Life on a Homestead and gave it a try... really, I just wanted to use Scarlet. Say hello to Scarlet. Isn't she beautiful?

Annnnnd, maybe I just wanted to use these, too... Can you feel the teacher coming out of me?

But, I have to say this recipe turned out perfectly! Well, until I forgot it was in the oven... yup. That familiar charred smell quickly reminded me of my mistake. Do you know how mad that made me?! Pretty dang mad. But, waste not want not. And I really wanted some zucchini bread. I ended up just chopping off the bottom of each loaf and munching away. Mmmm... I'm not showing you a picture. I am embarrassed. By the time I had burned the bread and the Mister and I were done canning some tomatoes (hmmm... maybe that's why it burned. So much for multi-tasking), it was time for lunch. On to zucchini recipe numero dos! I had saved a recipe from allrecipes.com for zucchini patties about a month ago. With another two cups of shredded zucchini left I gave it a try. Man, oh, man! They were good! And, guess what, I don't have a picture of those either. Not because they turned out bad, but because we had already eaten them before I remembered to snap a picture. Oh well. BUT, here are the recipes:

On a totally different note, school will be starting back in just a few weeks and I've been working on something I'm super excited about. Two years ago, I started using a homework tic tac toe board. The kids would get it on Monday, keep it all week, and turn it in on Friday. I consistently had all but maybe two kids turn in their homework every Friday. Is that awesome or is that awesome? My grade level liked it, too, and we all used it this past year until CRCT time rolled around. Then, my completed homework numbers plummeted. Ugh. These tic tac toe boards aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards. Well, as many of you teachers know, we're now supposed to teach the Common Core Standards. So, I had to change my tic tac toe. Which is a good thing. It was kind of ugly and, well, being aligned to the timeline of the standards, it became hard to keep up with. We might get behind in something and have to completely change our board around.  Now, I've been working on making it more of a practice board with a balance of vocabulary, spelling, reading, math (mostly number sense), and one science and social studies practice box. We also had trouble keeping up with all the pages the kids would turn in with it. It became somewhat of a mess of papers. I had a checklist I graded with, but sometimes the kids would lose a piece of their completed work. It could make you pull your hair out. Now, I've supplied work space on the back of the tic tac toe board for kids to do their work. No extra papers needed! I also added a self check at the bottom, which I am really excited about! So, here is my sneak peek!