It all started with a stray. A stray cat. Can I tell you how much I loathe cats? I had to cat sit once. This included cleaning litter boxes. Not only did I think cats mean, after cleaning litter boxes, I thought they were disgusting, too. We moved in and three days later a tiny little ball of fur showed up. We shewed it, we scrammed it, we refused to feed it... and she refused to leave.  I guess it knew this was a  special place.  No longer is the cat an it. She is Cat.  And Cat is the best cat in the world. Hands down. And Cat is the only cat you will ever hear me say I like love. She had me at the first mouse she left on the porch. She was here to stay. Several spiders, grasshoppers, lizards, chipmunks, and any-critter-that-moves later, Cat is a permanent resident here on the homestead. 

Next came "the kids," Loretta and Lynn. (I'm a hard core old country music fan... my mama raised me that way with the Saturday morning treat of breaking out old vinyl records of Charlie Pride and Elvis) Loretta and Lynn represent the decision that our six acres would, indeed, be the beginning of our homestead journey. We learned that pygmy goats can get out of ANYTHING when they are just a few months old. They grew fast and you will hear many stories about Lynn and his attitude. He. is. all. buck. We're pretty sure Lynn won't last much longer on the homestead. He's been a good buck... but he'll make an even better roast when the time is right. For now, however, he has some babies to help make.

We've also had chickens... we're still learning there! We are on our third round. It seems that the middle of nowhere is not a very safe place for chickens. The hawks, coyotes, and foxes do their job there. But we have learned a lot along the way and I'm happy to say that this batch of "girls" have been growing and clucking like champs! They are all Golden Buffs (aka Red Star) and so far I am very impressed with this breed. They are friendly, love to climb all over you, and fast growers. I am hoping and praying that "the third time's the charm" and that these girls are the "fittest" for surviving the homestead!

Lastly, I introduce to you Jessie Belle. Jessie was my birthday present from Mister this year. When I first lifted up that straw hat (Mister was hiding her under it!) and saw those eyes, I was in love. She is our first puppy together. She is the homestead. It's as though she embodies Mister and me. Wild, free, happy, full of energy, stubborn, full of the confidence that she can do anything because she has a family that loves her. 

The homestead is a happy place. It is special. The LORD has a purpose for it, I know. 


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